Quotes Mhhhhhhhhh.... Delicious... Best pierogi in the area. You will not find any better place than this one. Fresh cooked and taste amazing, not like those bought from a supermarket fridge. Try it :) Quotes
DJ Pawloski

Quotes If there was such thing as a Polish fast food restaurant, Chefski's would be it. It's a small establishment with a handful of tables and a counter where you order your meal. WIthin minutes you have a delicious hot homemade Polish meal They offer everyday all day $6.00 specials which include an entree served with mashed potatoes, choice of side salad and soup. We stopped here for lunch and were so full that day that we skipped dinner. Would definitely return and eat here again. Quotes
Carla L.

Quotes Best pierogi you will find anywhere around. Every time I have had a chance to eath at Chefskis the food was fresh and the portions were generous. If you live in the area all the other small polish places heat up their food and only have a few choices. At Chefskis you have a full menu of polish dinners and soups to choose from every day that is cooked after you order. I strongly recommend. Great Polish Food!‎ Quotes
Andrew B.

Quotes If you've never had Polish food, try the Chefski Sampler. It comes with 3 different pierogies, sauerkraut & Kielbasa, a cabbage roll and mashed potatoes. Lots of food at a great price and it is all wonderful. My favorite was the cabbage roll which I will be getting again and again. Quotes
Courtney H